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Bywały wyprzedane, pełne kluby, a bywało, że przyszło kilkadziesiąt osób. Jego wartość oscyluje w granicach 0- i jest wykorzystywany w dwóch przypadkach. Powiem ci tak, rzygam już tą poprawnością. Wszystko wskazuje na to, że spotkamy się w Pisku w marcu , o ile znowu covid czegoś nie odpierdoli. Był to też okres, w którym na świat przyszła moja córka, więc postanowiłem się wycofać - po prostu. This little ditty features undecipherable vocals mumbling, screeching, murmuring, screaming utter nonsense, and then turning into a train going choo-choo-choo; with some tortured guitar sounds strumming background in a sonic Beckettian Theatre of Absurd.

The album concentrates mostly around the output of the now-legendary Love Records label, varying from electronic music to avantgarde sounds, free-jazz and experimental rock.

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Numminen and his cohorts burping and gurgling to a simple blues theme playing in the background, as part of this home-made tape recorded in but not released before Now this sounds like a self-indulgent piece of lame schoolboy humour, but amazingly it was eventually mentioned in an international catalogue of avantgarde music. This was only a start for Mr. The career of Sähkökvartetti climaxed in one scandalous performance at the Socialist youth festival in Sofia, Bulgaria, when the cacophonous proceedings managed to drive hundreds of people away, causing this electric quartet operated by four men banned from the festival.

Musically this is quite a scary one: creepy-sounding and even hymn-like, with wailing and sounding like electronic insects.

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Numminen chants and recites a sonic poem, borrowing among all from the religious hymn Agnus Dei. I have never understood what the lyrics are all about, but it sounds threateningly apocalyptic and sinister. The track starts with something that sounds like machines turned overdrive, wailing and howling siren-like, and then moves onto more serene, yet disturbing, soundscapes.

Both outlandish and sublime, distorted and beautiful, noisy and harmonious, this is a lasting epitaph to the highly innovative spirit of the s, an era of both technological utopies and mind-expanding mysteriousness. Tommi Parko: Hysteriablues More avantgardistic pranks. Imagine an eunuch on the verge of nervous breakdown screaming and mumbling da blues, accompanied by a piano playing jazzy licks, and you are nearly there.

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Beyond belief. This could be something by Hecker of Mego Records, only 30 years before laptops. Featuring Nihilist Holy Grail Trading System screeching sounds like a modem loading and insistently building up to a climax.

Haunting and perhaps also more music to piss your friends off. A classic, nevertheless. In fact, the sound here panning from speaker to speaker reminisces a bit old-school arcade video games you can virtually see the game score running in your eyes. Whoa, a way to go.

Two madman hardline Communists improvising free-jazz in their livingroom: one plays a lonely screaming alto saxophone whose distorted sound was created by a mike placed inside the instrument ; the other bangs on frantically his snare drum, with cymbals crashing in a sound hell of the sounds of revolution running amok.

Saxophone as a frenzied agitator speaker, imitating the sounds of screams and crying. Fierce staccato drumming as the sounds of a firing squad.

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More music to drive your parents and friends mad unless they are truly devoted free-jazz aficionados. Pure noise inferno of explosions and chaos in all its minute glory.

Somewhat a sonic equivalent to some really neurotic and angstful Expressionist painting of the early 20th century. This little ditty features undecipherable vocals mumbling, screeching, murmuring, screaming utter nonsense, and then turning into a train going choo-choo-choo; with some tortured guitar sounds strumming background in a sonic Beckettian Theatre of Absurd.

The latterday Finnish experimental bands like Kemialliset Ystävät might clearly take their cues from this. Mallander: Another member of The Sperm, a visual artist and critic J. Mallander Nihilist Holy Grail Trading System, like Pekka Airaksinen in the same group, later converted into Zen-Buddhism creates here the real hit of this compilation.

Urho Kekkonen was, again, voted as the President of Finlandwhich just goes on and on, ad nauseam. This Dadaist piece of conceptual art is a sort an aural counterpart to what Andy Warhol did with his movies of repeated boredom, such as filming for hours merely the facade of Empire State Building.

This joke probably works for Finns only, with the bald-pated, bespectacled President Kekkonen being a similar national icon as Marilyn Monroe or Elvis Presley are for Americans. Nihilist Holy Grail Trading System state of mind through the endless repetition?

With a formal speech for an unsuspecting audience to kick it all off, the basic idea there being: take off your clothes and liberate your mind. Some polite applause from Nihilist Holy Grail Trading System audience, who probably have no idea what they are about to enter.

Then hell breaks all loose. The usual ambient noise vs. It all ends in a free-for-all melee of cacophony, which sounds and feels like some collective lunatic asylum art therapy. More ambient noise excursions with an amplified guitar playing forwards and backwards and strumming in a mouldy basement.

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A lone piano note here and there, with metallic clanks. This is total antimusic and again, totally ageless. Albert Kivinen: Spirea Finally, another political prank, when the academic philosopher S.

Albert Kivinen later on, known for some Finnish H. An interesting curiosity, though.

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